Thursday, December 26, 2013

Movies, Mickey Mouse, and New Plates!

Back in November we FINALLY got our Alabama license plate for the 4Runner. We still have to get it for the Honda (and I still need an Alabama driver's license) but we are getting there.

Our preschool ministry at church is SO SO wonderful. Once a month they have a family night which is always a different activity. In November we had a movie night and both of the kids did so great sitting and eating their snack and watching the movie.

After the movie was over they got some play time in the gym. Wide open spaces for toddlers to run free is the best ever.

The next day we had a very fun party for Jackson's 3rd birthday. It was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party and the kids had to use clues from Toodles to find Jackson's party. 

And our little stud found a sweet girl to hold hands while they searched for the party. 

This was such a fun weekend with so many activities and SUGAR! :)

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