Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Morning!

Santa came! 

Christmas this year was so much fun! Hudson understands so much and got so into it. Emma didn't really get it at all but would get excited when Hudson was excited. 

Hudson thought it was so funny that Santa ate his cookies and drank his milk and that Rudolph loved the carrots!

Here they are coming out of Hudson's room. Side note: their bedrooms connect so we went through Emma's room and we were able to bring them out together from Hudson's room.  :)

It took Hudson a minute to realize what he saw in front of the tree. :)

The ball pit was a huge hit! Santa got a GREAT deal on this from Zulily. ;)

And now checking out Emma's new house. They both love this house so much! 

I knew the train table would be a huge hit with Hudson. He loves the one at Toys R Us!

Digging into stockings!

Emma got The Little Mermaid from Papa Jim!

And a grocery cart!

They got so many new books this year. I love that they love books.

Emma got this adorable camera and Hudson kept taking selfies and saying "cheeeeese!" all day. :)

Later in the day, I was making some fresh whipped cream for a pie and Emma discovered the amazingness of it. 

It was a perfect Christmas day with my family! 

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