Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 Week 1

Hello 2014! I am already behind on blogging a few things, but wanted to get this up and I'll catch up on the other stuff later. I'm taking a picture every day in 2014. I've tried this a few times before and never been successful. The first time I tried it, I worked full time, we didn't have kids, and our lives were pretty boring. The other times I've tried it I've followed those photo a day prompts which didn't work for me very well either. Some days it would be 9:00, the kids would be in bed, and the prompt would be "shadow" so I'd end up taking a lame picture of a my nightstand lamp (true story) and post it.'s our first week. If you want to follow along daily, I'm posting these on Instagram (lindsaywoods_) with the hashtag #woodslifeeveryday2014

Day 1: We ate our black eyed peas at lunch in the form of black eyed pea dip so for dinner we had homemade pizza. Hudson LOVED helping me make it.

Day 2: Candice came over for dinner (we had Dr Pepper pork tacos) and Emma enjoyed a slice of lime. It was pure joy for everyone!

Day 3: I snuck in while John was putting Emma to bed to capture this precious moment. He is tightly wrapped around her finger. After this John and I snuck out for a dessert date. (His dad and stepmom were in town!)

Day 4: It had been so cold that it made it so hard to get out of the house to do anything fun. So we went to the church to play in the toddler play room. Hudson dressed up as a bee, Emma was a lady bug (but hated everything she had on), and John and I were wearing these crazy things on our heads. 

Day 5: My sweet boys. John is the best dad. He has such a special bond with each kid and they adore him. This was Sunday night right before Hudson went to bed. Notice the finger sucking. :)

Day 6: We got hit with the polar vortex and it was so cold for a few days. Like crazy cold. Monday our high was like 16 or something crazy like that. The kids spent about an hour in the bathtub that morning playing with bubbles and (after I took this picture) finger paint!

Day 7: Hudson went back to school on Tuesday but had a delayed start because of the cold. We braved the weather to walk him to school and when we got home, Emma could not rip her layers off fast enough. 

I hope everyone had a great first week of 2014! It's gonna be a great year. :)

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