Wednesday, January 22, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 3

Week 3! 

Day 15: Hudson woke up in a bad 2 year old mood. We had a rough morning but bedtime that night was so sweet.

Day 16: Hudson kept giving Emma hugs because she giggled so hard every time. Love my sweet littles!

Day 17: We had a family date night at CPK. Me and my sweet girl.

Day 18: Sibling timeout time. They were pushing and hitting each other over a toy. This was also Emma's first timeout. She's seen Hudson get it so many times that she knew exactly what to do. 

Day 19: Eric and Brittany (Hudson calls them E&B) came over for dinner on Sunday night and Hudson was thrilled! 

Day 20: My sweet girl is 15 months old now!

Day 21: I was about to go start cooking dinner when Hudson asked me to come play blocks. Dinner could wait. Babies don't keep.

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