Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, y'all! I'm just going to share a little about our week.

Monday was day 1 of Emma not getting her paci during the day. She gets it when she sleeps, naps, and in the car only now. It started off well with her standing at her crib screaming. 

The "polar vortex" hit us on Monday. It was bitter cold for a few days so we stayed home and got creative with activities. I can't wait until a movie holds their attention for the whole thing. They lasted about 20 minutes into The Little Mermaid.

Hudson has been obsessed with letters for several months now. He knows all of his letters, sings the alphabet song several times a day, knows each sound the letters make, and has now started to learn how to write them. His favorite letter is W. He has also figured out how to write his name. 

I got to spend about an hour playing trains with my boy one morning while Emma was napping this week. Loved it.

By Thursday it really started to warm up. Emma played outside for about an hour while Hudson was at school. It was 50 degrees and after the weather we'd had, it was practically summer! Ha!

Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Darci and the girls!


  1. good luck with the pacifier deal! we did it when my daughter was about 16 months and it was pretty easy. We just hid it from her and she was good after about 2 days; she honestly really didn't even know it was missing. lol. We freaked out about it and it wasn't even a big deal. Glad I found your blog from the link up, I'll be following along now! Come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new buddies!

  2. Ummmmm I hate to admit it but Pearson still gets his paci during nap time. At 1 year we took it away outside the crib. Only nap time and bedtime. Then at 18 months we took it away from bedtime. He only had it at nap time. I fully intended on taking it away at 2 yrs all together but I found out I was pregnant that day and at the time he was taking 3-4 hour naps and I was so tired that I didn't want to mess up nap time. Now he is 2.5 and I just need to pull the plug (quit literally) I just still don't' want to mess with nap time. He definitely doesn't need it to fall asleep but it does seem to help.


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