Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 4

I'm loving this way of doing a photo a day! If you want to follow along find me on Instagram (lindsaywoods_) 

Day 22: When I dropped Hudson off in his class at church this night he cried so hard. This hasn't happened in over 2 years. It broke my heart but after a few minutes he was happy and coloring a picture. I snuggled this guy until he went to bed. 

Day 23: Everyone goes a little crazy when daddy gets home!

Day 24: Hudson had not been sleeping well at night last week so we tried to see how he did not taking a nap. He enjoyed his rest time but was in bed and asleep that evening at 7:00.

Day 25: Emma took a marathon nap (4 1/2 hours). She melts my heart. 

Day 26: We went to lunch with some friends after church. This was the first time we've gone to lunch after church in over 7 months. It's just been to difficult with tired littles. Hudson got his first prize from these little machines. He loved having Chloe and Caleb helping him.

Day 27: This little one loves her girl blocks so much. She was building towers and knocking them down for 30 minutes.

Day 28: Hot {kiddie warm} chocolate under a blanket while watching Mickey Mouse. We played in the snow for 5 minutes and it was COLD!

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