Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

So Alabama (and other parts of the south) got a crazy snow storm yesterday. It was not in our forecast to get snow so we were not prepared at all. South Alabama had it in their forecast but not us. So I had not been to the store and we had/have no food. Yikes!

Emma watching the snow fall while waiting for Hudson to come home from school. This was about an hour after it started. It was awful. Because it wasn't expected, all the kids went to school and then after it started coming down so hard they closed/cancelled school. Some parents weren't able to get to their kids and they had to spend the night at school. I can't imagine not being able to get to my kids!!! I'm so thankful we live in walking distance. 

After lunch yesterday the kids got to play outside for a few minutes. Side note: Emma's jacket is at the dry cleaners. Again....NOT EXPECTING THIS! Ha! So she's wearing Hudson's jacket from last year.

Emma loved it. She kept her head down the entire time we were outside just looking at the snow while she walked. 

Which made it so hard to get a cute picture of her. :)

Hudson kept eating the snow.

Emma's first time to play in the snow. She experienced her first snow last year on her first Christmas!

I tried to get a picture of them together. Not happening. :)

After the snow we came inside and they had {warm} chocolate and watched an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Vicky works at the church with John and she spent 5 hours trying to get home yesterday and only made it about 4 miles. She came back and stayed with us last night. Hudson enjoyed the book she read to him and he got to sleep with mommy and daddy!

Our church had about 30 people stay there last night and they provided meals for them. We walked over to eat dinner there last night and lunch today. Again, we weren't prepared and I was planning on doing my weekly grocery shopping yesterday (like I do every Tuesday) so we ate there also. So thankful for our church!

People were just abandoning their cars on the highways and walking instead. The highways are a mess. A friend posted this on Instagram. It's so bad y'all.

Eating the snow after lunch today.

Our house today. I should have taken a pic yesterday because it's been walked all over and it's starting to melt. It's so pretty! Unfortunately it's going to freeze again tonight so everything will be closed again tomorrow.

I'm thankful to have my family safe in our warm house today. Praying for everyone still trying to get home.

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