Sunday, July 20, 2014

Emma :: 21 months

Oh sweet girl, you are 21 months old! Again, you have changed and learned so much this month!

I feel like you lost so much of your babyness while we were in Colorado and turned into even more toddler while we were away. You are stringing words together to make short sentences, your vocabulary explodes every day, you repeat EVERYTHING you hear. It's just so much fun!

You are sleeping so great right now. You can go to bed at 7 but you can also stay up later now which is SO nice during the summer. You can (can being the key word) sleep in a little which Hudson never does. You are napping for about 3 hours a day and sleeping about 12 hours at night. You sleep with so many things! Most importantly are your Lovie and pacis. But you also have Abby Cadabby, a bear, a bunny, a pig, a lamb, 5 blankets (4 of those are the breathable Aiden + Anais swaddle blankets). There are possibly a couple other things that I can't think of now. 

Your favorite foods are oatmeal, blueberries, watermelon, fruit snacks, yogurt, steak, sausage, bacon, strawberries, and cheese. You love snacks and ask for them all day long! You aren't the best eater if it's not one of your favorite foods but if you sit there long enough you'll eat a few bites. 

You love to dance! Any time you hear music (or Hudson sings the ABCs) you immediately start doing your dance. It's hilarious. You have loved swimming this summer and are getting so much better at swimming with your puddle jumper on. You love to jump in!

You love church now! For a while you cried every time we walked down your hallway. Now you run! You love your teachers and it makes me so happy. You also love to go visit your daddy at church. You know exactly where to go when we walk into the building. You head straight for the elevator and as soon as we get off you run straight for his office. It's so fun!

You are doing great with your paci. You only get it when you are in bed. We've dropped it in the car and you rarely ask about it now. Hopefully by 2 you will be done with it completely. I'm sort of dreading that!

We love you so much sweet girl! Happy 21 months. 


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