Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 30

Day 204: I made a rookie mistake this morning by telling Hudson and Emma that E&B were coming over for dinner tonight. So when they finally got here H&E were beyond thrilled. Such a fun night with friends that are like family.

Day 205: Roller coaster fun!

Day 206: We took the kids to their first movie at the theater today! Emma lasted a little over an hour. Hudson probably would have made it through the whole thing but he noticed we were gone so he was done too. Still a fun family outing! Also, Emma's face. ha!

Day 207: My little fish is getting so good at swimming!

Day 208: We LOVED getting to see our best friends today! These 3 were so sweet together. 

Day 209: Hudson: Hey Mommy, this Lego is a train. Emma: choo choo Abby! Also, Emma saw this faux fur vest in her closet and threw a fit over it. I put it on her and Hudson says, "Mommy, Emma is wearing a bear jacket." ha! #neveradullmoment

Day 210: There is construction going on by our house and every day Hudson asks to go see it. Little boy heaven!

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