Thursday, July 10, 2014

John's 31st birthday!

For John's birthday, we got a sitter and had a date night. It was perfect. Things have been busy and are about to get even busier with his job so it was nice to have a night just the 2 of us.

We went to Slice downtown and it was delicious! We had plenty of time after dinner so we went up to the Vulcan to watch the sunset. We've lived in Birmingham for a year now and haven't been up there yet to watch a sunset. 

It was a little cloudy but still beautiful. The views you can see from up there are incredible.

As I get older (ha!) I've started to become a little more afraid of heights. I didn't hyperventilate or anything close to that...but I did get pretty nervous at times. Seeing several screws missing from here while standing 180 feet in the air is not exactly a calming feeling.

Alabama is beautiful!

It was a great night celebrating my guy!

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