Friday, July 25, 2014

weekend recap...several days late!

Last weekend was WONDERFUL! We had been out of town for 10 long days and missed our littles so so so much! They greeted us at the bus and enjoyed exploring it. Hudson kept saying, "I'm going on a choir trip!" Sweet boy!

We took our things home and then walked to the kids' favorite restaurant...La Bamba. They were pretty excited.

A family selfie! Also, a toddler miracle. This isn't 1 of 78 pictures like usually happens. John took this with his phone and it's the only one he snapped. Seriously...A MIRACLE!

Sunday was a very emotional day. It was Dr. Bob's, the minister of music, last Sunday. It was also the Chapel Choir home concert. Here are the seniors giving John his gift. A picture of them from each choir tour their 4 years in Chapel Choir.

Dr. Bob received a Big Green Egg from the Sanctuary Choir, so the Chapel Choir gave him lots of grilling accessories.

Dr. Bob has been minister of music at our church for almost 36 years. 

Here he is giving John his baton that he has used for (I think) 36 years. Such a special moment.

After the concert, there was a reception in the fellowship hall. Emma found a new friend in Mary Claire. She LOVED walking around holding her hand.

That evening after the concert and reception, John and I went out for a little impromptu date. His mom was still in town so she stayed home while the kids slept. It was so nice after 10 really long (but wonderful) days. 

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