Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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No, not referring to that fabulous place at the Gaylord. Although, I would love to go there.

I'm referring to what took over Waco last night. And by took over I mean it took over and shut us down! I have today off so it has been nice not to have to go out and brave the ice and cold. I've been inside looking real cute in my cowboy boot slippers, yoga pants and a hoodie. Cute may not be the right word. But that's not what I was going for. I've been uber productive and already cleaned out 1 closet, and 2 underthesink bathroom cabinets.

But back to the ice. Here are a few pictures I snapped before it all melted.



You can see it melting!



No, that's not the leftovers of a car that was broken into. It's the ice from our neighbor's car. He scrapped for about 20 minutes this morning and you better believe I heard it all! It was a horrible sound.



And the random bird was really struggling with sitting in this tree. I found it amusing early in the morning. It's not funny anymore nor does he look like he is struggling in still pictures.

Please note: I do realize there are a few northerners who read my blog and I'm not saying these icicles are anything great. These icicles have nothing on northern icicles.


And this last picture was taken with John's iphone. It's the snow he's enduring up in G.R.

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