Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the last first day

Today was John's LAST first day of class! Because he only has Truett classes left (and not very many for that matter) he had Monday off. I insisted of snapping a quick pic of his last first day, however in my quickness to snap a photo I didn't get a very good one. I wasn't thinking, it was early in the morning, bad location in the house, bad lighting, weird shadow. It sort of looks like a mug shot, but it documents the occasion nonetheless!

John 025

Here's to a fantastic last semster of grad school!


  1. he's adorable! & so well dressed. p.s. mailing your white tea this week. oh & comment on previous entry was from me too - forgot to put my name on it. y'all have a great & fun weekend!!

  2. i remember jay's "last, first day" of law school. such a good feeling. hope that this semester goes great for you all!

  3. wow - john looks like a much more "serious" grad student than i was... he's all dressed up... i usually showed up to class with my hair in a chip clip, wearing sweats!!!


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