Monday, July 9, 2012

Baby #2 Update

I haven't done the greatest job documenting this pregnancy but that doesn't mean we aren't ecstatic about Baby Woods #2! I'm 22 1/2 weeks now!

I started feeling this little one kicking much earlier than I did with Hudson and John felt the baby earlier also. So much fun!

I have still been getting sick but don't have the nauseous feeling all day long like I did during my first trimester. It hits fast and as soon as I "get sick" I feel fine.

Our next appointment is Thursday and we will have our big gender ultrasound! We are so excited to find out what this next baby is and to start calling him/her by name.

For most of my pregnancy, I've thought we are having a girl. But in the last few weeks I'm thinking boy. With either boy or girl, I am so excited.

If we have a boy they will be best buds, especially since they will only be 16 months apart. I would love to have more than one sweet boy!

But if this sweet baby is a girl that would be so so fun also!

So what do y'all think...boy or girl?!? Let me know! :)


  1. I think girl, because you weren't ever sick with Hudson were you?

  2. I think girl too! :) I felt completely different with my two kids... sick with Caden, not at all with Kaki... even carried differently... straight out front with Caden and wide with Kaki... BUT either way you'll be blessed by another Woods' baby! I can't wait to know!!! So fun!!

  3. Girl is my guess.. :)

    Can't wait to hear!! :)

  4. Girl! I knew from the beginning Hadley was a girl. But, the week before our ultrasound, I had to start convincing myself that she could be a he and that would have to be okay (it totally would have, but I would have COMPLETELY had to change my frame of mind). There is something about a mother's intuition. If you've been thinking girl, I'll be surprised if you are on boy #2!

  5. Girl! I'd love to see some pink! Plus Ethan needs his bride :)


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