Friday, July 13, 2012

spoon practice

First of all...Happy Birthday to my sweet sister!! We love you Whitney!

I decided that since Hudson is 13 months old now he should start practicing with a spoon when he eats.  This was also his first taste of Greek yogurt. He tried it with the spoon a couple of bites, then decided his hands worked better.

And he used both hands. My kid may not be able to use utensils when he eats but he sure is ambidextrous!

Pretty soon after this he threw the spoon down and then fussed until I fed him the rest of the yogurt. He's a genius.


  1. I am so not ready for Pearson to use utensils. It's just going to add a mess to the already big mess he makes eating table food. But I guess you gotta get a head start since Hudson will need to start feeding himself since you'll have your hands full with Emma!! Ahhhh I love that SHE has a name now!!

  2. baby steps, right? :)

    adelyn has a fork that she likes to use, it only lasts for a few bites though, then she just chucks it on the floor! {i'm ready for the "throwing everything on the floor" stage to be over!}

  3. Looks like he did pretty well! Judah still will sometimes use the spoon or his hands, depends on how hungry he is and how fast he can put food into his mouth. Although he is getting better and better at using his utensils


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