Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 days

I've never been super consistent with giving things up for Lent. I am also not Catholic so that plays a large part of the why but I do like the idea of Lent.

This year I have decided to give up two things that I spend a lot of time doing during the day. I am giving up Twitter and Facebook. Facebook is an easy one for me. I usually only post pictures of the kids for friends and family to see. I rarely spend much time on there.

Twitter. That's a WHOLE other story. I spend way too much time on Twitter. I want to refocus my time. I don't want to be staring at my phone while I'm also trying to play with my kids. I want to use that time to focus on them and be more present.

I am also going to use this time to be more disciplined in my time with the Lord during the day. Every morning when Emma naps, Hudson plays in his room by himself. Usually I use this time to do things around the house or to get ready for the day (if I have somewhere to be). Let's be honest, I do not "get ready" every day. Especially if we aren't going anywhere. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

So instead of doing things around the house, my plan is to spend that time with the Lord. I want it to be more intentional and not a last minute thought. It's so easy to do that when your day is consumed with diapers, sippy cups, puzzles, nursing a baby, and playing in the dirt.

I will still be blogging. I use my blog more as a scrapbook for myself and my family than anything else. I will also still be posting pictures on Instagram.

My hope and prayer is that after 40 days this will be a new habit for me and I will continue it. That is my goal out of this.

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  1. I totally understand your intention of wanting to spend more time focusing on your kids and being 110% present. I respect it, too.

    But if I'm being honest, I'll miss you on twitter. :( I'm not on fb enough to notice if people are "present" or not. And even with twitter, I'm more present some months than others.

    But I'll miss you. Thank the Lord I have your number. Expect me to blow up your phone with texts. ;)


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