Saturday, February 16, 2013

fun with the Broaddus fam

On MLK day we drove up to Huntsville to visit our BFFs for the day. We had the best day with our friends!

Hudson and Ethan are such sweet buddies. I love watching them play together and start a very special friendship.

We spent a lot of time at the park wearing these 2 out. They have a very fun park in their neighborhood!

It was right by a beautiful lake!

Little Miss Emma just snoozed the whole time.

Daddies and sons. 

John and Ethan sharing a ride.

Ethan was such a big boy on the playground! I loved watching him and seeing how independent he was. Adorable!

A glimpse into our lives in about 15 years...

Story time with daddies and their best buds.

Courtney and I with our sweet boys.

We stopped for dinner at CFA on our way home...this kid was EXHAUSTED! A sure sign of a wonderful day with friends. 

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