Saturday, February 9, 2013

it's been awhile

I didn't really intend to take an almost 3 week break from blogging. These last few weeks have been wonderful. Spending lots of time together and loving on our 2 precious littles. Now that Emma is going to bed before Hudson (and sleeping all night!) John and I have our evenings back to ourselves. It's so nice to have 2-3 hours without kids before we go to bed every night. Instead of blogging, I've been enjoying time with him. 

So, here's a massive photo dump of the last few weeks. 

Every morning we spend about 30 minutes in bed watching Yo Gabba Gabba (or another show that Hudson requests). It's such a special time when all 4 of us are piled in there. 

After Hudson's baths at night we let him run through the house naked and he LOVES it! Ha! We say, "naked baby!" over and over and he just runs faster and faster. This night in particular he went and got on his plasma car. He looked adorable riding around the house.

We've had a very mild start to 2013 and have gone on lots of walks. This was Emma's first time in the real stroller seat and not her carseat. I think Hudson loved being able to see her.

Emma in her adorable Pumpkin Butter Kids Valentine's day onesie. I ADORE this one! 

Emma has become quite the wiggle worm in her sleep. She is sleeping 10-12 straight hours at night so she is never in the same place as where I put her.

Hudson was having his favorite meal beans and green beans for dinner and a grapefruit for dessert. 

Hudson is obsessed with puzzles lately. I love it when he brings one from his room to work on in the kitchen while I'm working on dinner.

We are really working on identifying animals and animal sounds right now. In this picture he was proudly calling a zebra a "bra!"

We tried Play Doh for the first time last week. Hudson was not sure what to think of it at first. I had to spend about 5 minutes telling him, "no, don't eat it" but then he finally got the hang of it.

We've been playing "ball ball" outside a lot. He is so cute when he hits the ball. It never goes very far but he always takes off running. Except he runs to get his own ball. We'll have to work on that part.

And Hudson in his adorable PBK shirt. 

Following in her brother's footsteps, Emma rolled from her back to tummy before tummy to back. Although she HATES being on her tummy!

I had an adorable audience during my breakfast this week. I just love these 2 so much!

And this is what I call Emma's cheerleader smile. Her smiles are so big and infectious!

We spent some time at Lowe's yesterday on John's day off. We are finally getting around to redoing our bathrooms. The rest of our house was completed almost 2 years ago but we put off the bathrooms. John finished the floors in the kids' bathroom today but just has to grout and put the baseboards in. Then it's our bathroom next.

And gosh, this girl's eyes are GORGEOUS! 

I think that's sufficient for now. ;) 

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