Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Recap!

Dinner with friends and then playing at the park!

One of Hudson's sweet teachers moved to South Carolina. We miss her so much! Hudson loves Mrs. Kayla!

After almost 10 months of living in Alabama, I finally got my license. It's such a pain here so I put it off for so long. You have to arrive way before they open at 8:00 and start lining up outside. This particular morning it was raining. It kept the crowd down a little.

My sweet boys hanging out one evening after Emma went to bed.

We took our spring pictures and then went to the park and brunch.

After we got back from Texas, everything was blooming and gorgeous!

Hudson's train table used to be in his room but we moved it to the sunroom and moved some things out of the sunroom. He uses it so much more now!

A fun evening at the park followed by ice cream!

Lately Hudson has been a "threenager" and Emma has been teething something fierce. It's been loads of fun.

Emma is quite the daddy's girl.

A bag of Pirate's Booth as big as Emma.

Our favorite sushi that we eat about once a week. The edamame is grilled and it's so fabulous.

Babes in bowties!

This was an adorable fedora that Hudson pulls down so far on his head that he's completely re-shaped it. And it is so funny looking now. 

I'm sure you've heard, but we had some bad storms roll through Alabama a few weeks ago. We played at the playground across the street that afternoon before they hit. We spent about 45 minutes in our basement and then had a break before the 2nd wave and went to the church's basement for that one. Our basement is dirty and small and the kids didn't do well down there.

Again...that fedora!

One morning after my workout I got to watch Hudson in his room for a few seconds before they noticed I was there. I love getting to see how he is when he doesn't know I'm around.

Emma's mullet is getting pretty long so I was able to get a couple of pigtails on her. They were so adorable!

The kids got a new wagon from Lady. Hudson loves it. Emma not so much. :)

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