Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday week 13

Day 85: They have been wrestling and playing together all day today. I love watching them become best friends. #theyalsofight

Day 86: "I hold you Emma!"

Day 87: We drove to the court house to get our tags for the Yukon and so I could (finally) get my Alabama driver's license. I missed it by 20 minutes so we waited outside while John got the tags. Someone said they looked like twins and since I said, "no they're 16 months apart" Hudson has been saying, "I wanna be tins!"

Day 88: Checking out the Big Green Eggs. The mini is the perfect size for toddlers. Minus the fire, of course.

Day 89: Silly faces with my girl who finally got her 3rd bottom tooth!

Day 90: You wouldn't know it now, but these two were in super fussy moods. Emma got the iPhone in her room and Hudson got the iPad in his room. I've never done this before, but 15 minutes later they were both back to their happy selves. Thankful for modern technology.

Day 91: We went to dinner with friends tonight and Hudson sat by sweet Chloe. His first time to not sit by an adult in a restaurant and he did great!

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