Monday, March 31, 2014

March Recap

This is gonna be a HUGE picture dump. 

We found a fun park a couple miles from our house. It's not a playground park, but it's beautiful and has a creek. Hudson loved it.

He spent lots of time throwing rocks into it.

And Emma ate sticks.

Running home wearing daddy's hat.

Lunch at La Bamba. Hudson eats his weight in chips and salsa.

Our preschool ministry had a family night at church with all the inflatables. We had so much fun!

We bought a new car. We are loving the Yukon!

We played outside a lot.

Emma got lots of new teeth. I hate teething.

Dinner at a BBQ joint after getting the tags for the new Yukon. Emma loved the pie.

So did the boys!

One Saturday we went to go look at Big Green Eggs and Hudson loved this outdoor bed thing.

And Emma became BFFs with the staff.

After shopping we met up with E&B for lunch and froyo.

Hudson started sleeping in a big boy bed! He transitioned perfectly. 

Emma figured out how to climb on to the table and then dance. ha!

So that's some randomness from March! 

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