Friday, March 7, 2014

Five on Friday!

Hey y'all! Happy Friday! We've had a long week so I'm very excited the weekend is here! Here's some super randomness from our week. :) Linking up with the Five on Friday girls again!

I love this picture of Emma so so much. After her bath the other night she was in the happiest mood. And this picture captures just how big and brown her beautiful eyes are!

This is so out of my comfort zone because I'm not a selfie taker, but I have to share this. Since January I've lost almost 20 pounds and I put this jacket on that I've had for over 2 years and zipped it for the first time ever. It's seeing stuff like this that keeps me going!

I've just been eating healthy and going to the gym. I know...a super novel idea. 

John was out of town again this week. He left Monday morning for the staff retreat with the other ministers at church and they got home Wednesday just in time for lunch. I just finished bible study so I picked up the kids to let them play in the gym while we waited for John to get back. 

They always LOVE playing in the gym.


I scheduled spring pictures for the kids this week and I'm SO excited! We haven't had professional pictures made since Emma was born and both kids have changed A LOT in the last 16 months. 


They were being so sweet during dinner last night. Not the greatest picture ever but my word these 2 just love each other and it makes my mama heart so full.

Have a great weekend y'all! Any fun plans?


  1. Congrats on the weight loss! Your kiddos are so adorable!

  2. Get it girl! You're brave and awesome. I've been taking pics of my progress and have never posted any online!

    Your kids' pics are going to be so adorable! I'm thinking I would love to have pics made for mother's day. Funny how our "wants" change!

  3. EMMA IS THE CUTEST!!!!! AHHHHH I'll be lucky if my baby has half as big beautiful eyes as Emma. Okay no you probably think I'm strange for gushing over your baby. haha Happy Friday!

    Tattered to Taylored

  4. 20 pounds!!!! That is awesome. Congrats. I can't wait to get the OKAY to go to the gym and work out again. I'm ready to shed off this baby weight.


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