Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 10

This was a great week. John was in town for all of it, the weather was warmer, and we had a lot of fun family time!

Day 64: I'd been craving veggies all day. These beauties were about to get roasted and devoured. #notpregnant

Day 65: Love these two.

Day 66: Three hour nap for this little love today. dirty shirt, PJ pants, too small socks, and sleepy eyes. Love it!

Day 67: Let's see if picking out a big boy potty and undies gets this kid excited about potty training.

Day 68: I had an overwhelming urge to go in and watch my big boy sleep. (Creepy I know.) With so many big changes coming his way (potty training and transitioning to a big boy bed) I just needed to see him curled up in his crib. He is growing and learning so fast and I am loving each age so much.

Day 69: thankful for a beautiful day, warm weather, and sunshine!

Day 70: I had so much fun with my girl at the park this morning. Her sweet little face was covered in dirt and scratched from playing hard.

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