Monday, March 10, 2014

10 on 10!

ten on ten button

Woo hoo! I actually took 10 pictures today. They're not the most exciting thing ever, but Mondays are usually pretty normal and mundane around here. 

I started my morning off with a cup of coffee. If you like bold coffee, do not buy the Target/Archer Farms donut shop blend. It is way too weak for my taste so I usually have to put double the amount of coffee in the maker than other kinds. Yes, I measure my creamer. 

Emma was double fisting her pacis and trying to get them both in her mouth. And please notice the gold shoes. She had to wear them.

I took the kids to the nursery so I could hit the gym. Hello awkward locker room selfie.

When we got home, I put The Lorax on for the kids so I could shower. 

Then I finally had breakfast. About 10:45. Ha! Today I had 2 pieces of turkey bacon and scrambled eggs (2 egg whites + 1 egg with a splash of water). I rotate between this and turkey bacon and fried eggs. Oh and sometimes I'll add avocado and cherry tomatoes to my scrambled eggs if I want the extra calories. So good!

While I was making my breakfast Hudson wanted to come and help me cook. He took a pinch of salt and ate it and said, "mmm its dood (good)!" gross!

Right before their naps this afternoon I put on an episode of Sophia The First to get some sillies out. Hudson and Emma LOVE to dance to the opening song so we usually replay it over about 8 or 9 times. Ha!

One of Emma's favorite things to do right now is to put on other people's shoes (she is wearing one of Hudson's) and take off her shirt. So weird and funny! 

Once the kids were napping I made my favorite lunch/meal right now. Tons of roasted veggies (today it was mushrooms, zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, onions, and red bell pepper) and broiled tilapia. Before I cooked the veggies I tossed them in a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar, italian seasoning, salt, garlic powder, and seasoned pepper. SO GOOD!

After they woke up from their naps, we went to the playground because it was such a gorgeous day! We left and Hudson had a head full of sweaty hair. Perfect!

After the park we went home, I cooked dinner and then John got home. We all ate and then played in the backyard until it got dark. I love this time of year!

Happy 10th!

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