Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Recap!

We had a pretty low key weekend. Well I say that, but not really. Ha! But it wasn't too busy. John was out of town Sunday and Monday, was here Monday night and Tuesday, and then was gone again Wednesday through Saturday afternoon. So by Friday I was exhausted. Thankfully it was pretty outside so we spent quite a while out there so the kids could run and play.

It was about 50 degrees but apparently it got below freezing the night before because Hudson found, "heaby ice" in the wagon.

We were home pretty much the rest of the day Friday just relaxing and playing. 

John got home Saturday afternoon and a couple hours later our babysitter showed up so we could go to a wedding! It was fun to get all dressed up and go to Samford's campus (it was my first time there and it's beautiful!) Mary Evelyn (who has been our main babysitter since we moved here) was getting married so we are so sad that she won't be babysitting anymore, but so excited for her and Larry. Brittany and Eric were at the wedding too so we always have fun with them.

Sunday we went to church and then had lunch and naps. Pretty normal Sunday. After their naps, they wanted their snacks on the coffee table. This is a new thing that they love doing and it's so weird to me. haha!

That evening we went to church for the study we are doing and then came home and ate dinner and watched the Oscars. This was my favorite part of the night. So many great people in this picture!

I hope y'all had a great weekend!

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