Saturday, March 15, 2014

randoms from this week

I just noticed some pictures from this week that are too cute not to put on here to remember. So here's some random things that happened this week. :)

Every month, our preschool ministry at church has a play day. Some months it's something big like the Birmingham Children's Theater and other months it's just meeting at a park to play. This month we met at a park not too far from our house and everyone was encouraged to bring "things that go" to ride around on. Hudson was in school so it was just Emma and me. I loved the one on one time that she got at the park!

Later that afternoon, we had our snack outside in the backyard. Hudson is all about picnics these days so a popcorn picnic was so fun!

Hudson got up at one point to go play and Emma started taking popcorn from his bowl and moving it to her bowl. Little stinker!

Emma has been really getting into "reading" lately. I'll find her a couple times a day in her room with books and just babbling away. Hudson did this around this age and it's just the sweetest thing.

On Wednesday mornings I have bible study and it's usually over around 11:15 or so. Usually we will go eat lunch with John and it's always so fun. On Wednesday we went to Salsarita's which is the same concept as Chipotle.

Every once in a while it's a disaster, but for the most part it's getting so easy to take them out to eat again! It's so fun when it's easy!

Happy Saturday! :)

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