Tuesday, March 11, 2014

weekend recap!

We had a GREAT weekend! Nothing big but lots of family time and the kids were so good. 

Friday we all went to the grocery store and then out to lunch. Hudson and Emma got a TON of attention because they're just so cute. ;)

Oh they also had jello for the first time. :)

That afternoon they napped and then when they got up we went on a long family walk and stopped by  one of our favorite places for dinner. 

On Saturday, John and the kids participated in our church's 5K. I had to be somewhere at 10 so I couldn't do it. They were so excited! Obviously.

My 3 little runners.

They just did the 1 mile fun run but Hudson ran about half of it! They both got a medal and had so much fun.

That morning I went to a friend's house for a jewelry party and then did a little shopping for a big boy mattress set for Hudson (didn't find one) and then had to go to get a baby shower gift. That afternoon while the kids were napping Brittany and I went to our friend Emily's baby shower. 

Saturday night we went to Babies R Us to let Hudson pick out a potty and big boy undies. He has been so uninterested in potty training we were hoping this would help. We aren't pushing it yet. Mostly because we are traveling back to Texas next month and don't want to deal with a potty trained toddler on a 12 hour car drive. But he did finally go teetee in the potty on Saturday night for the 1st time! If he asks to go, I'll let him go. 

After BRU, we went to an early dinner at Outback. 

It may not look like it, but Emma was really happy here!

We stopped by Starbucks on the way home to get them some cake pops! Their favorite!!

Sunday we stayed home from church because Emma had a low fever which ended up being from teething. 

I hope everyone had a really great weekend!

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