Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter 2014

We got back from Texas at 10:45 pm on Good Friday. So needless to say, we didn't do anything but drive on Good Friday. But Saturday some of our friends were hosting an Easter egg hunt so we went over there. 

They actually loved the bunny. Emma was so excited...not terrified like it looks. ha!

With a couple of their sweet friends.

My sweet little loves on Easter morning. Our backyard blooms at the right time...makes for perfect Easter pictures!

After church we went to Eric and Brittany's house for lunch and an egg hunt.

Hudson knew exactly what to do and had fun finding eggs and putting them in his basket. Once Emma found out there were M&M's in the eggs she just went around opening the eggs and eating the candy.

She was a mess by the end of it!

And at this point I think her stomach started hurting and she desperately needed milk. :)

Easter morning isn't the best time for us to do baskets. We waited until after naps (well after Hudson's nap...Emma fell asleep in the car which meant she didn't actually nap at all once we got home. fun times) to do the baskets. 

Emma got a bunny, mermaid, busy book, Shoe-la-la, and some eggs filled with fruit snacks and goldfish.

Hudson got basically the same thing but for boys. A chick, busy book for boys, a pirate, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way (he's obsessed with the original Little Blue Truck book), and the same snacks.

Emma remembered how things worked and went straight for the eggs. 

It was such a fun Easter this year!

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