Sunday, April 20, 2014

Emma :: 18 months old


You are 18 months old! You are getting so big and grown up and I actually love it. Every day with you is so much fun and I can't believe you are my sweet daughter. 

You've changed so much this month. You talk SO MUCH. So much more than Hudson did at this month. You are starting to string words together like "bye bye Daddy" and "hi Ah-ver (Oliver)." You can repeat just about anything we say. Your vocabulary is huge and I'm impressed every day by what you say. 

You love your sweet friends so much. You get so excited to go to the nursery or when you get to see Audrey and Mary Everett. Y'all are so cute together and all get so excited to see each other. 

You still love to be outside. You can walk down the steps from the back door by yourself now and you will play outside for hours if we'd let you. You just love to be out there and explore. You love the park too. You can climb and slide and you try to do anything Hudson does. You think you are so much bigger than you are.

You and Hudson still play really well together but you also fight really well. :) We are working with both of y'all on sharing and not hitting. It's hard at this age. 

You are becoming a picky eater and I hate it. I've tried so hard to get you to be a good eater but it's just not working right now. You love strawberries, blueberries, chicken, mac n cheese, jelly beans, gummies, goldfish, and pretzels. You also love any breakfast meat...bacon, turkey bacon, sausage, etc. 

You weigh about 23 pounds. I'm not sure your exact stats. Our pedi doesn't do 18 month checkups if you are on track developmentally and at your 15 month checkup you were doing great so we won't go back until you are 2!

You are still teething all the time it seems. You now have 2 top molars so you have 6 top teeth and 2 bottom still. 

We love you so much sweet girl! We thank God for you every single day.


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