Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hudson :: 6 Months Old

Dear Sweet Hudson,

You are 6 months old! How in the world do I have a baby 1/2 a year old!?!? This has been by far my favorite month. I am loving how you are learning or doing something new every day. So much has happened this month!

You are officially a sitter now. You were so close at 5 months and the day after you turned 5 months old you started doing it on your own. Every day you get so much stronger and can do so many things now while you are sitting. You are also almost able to go from being on your tummy to sitting. You are also trying SO hard to crawl. You've come so close a couple of times but right now you are just scooting around. You can roll to anything you want, and you can turn in a circle on your tummy. You also scoot backwards which can frustrate you sometimes if there is a toy in front of you that you want.

You are still a great sleeper. Although this past month things have been crazy with your schedule. You are flexible and just go with the flow. You are sleeping about 10-12 hours at night though and taking 2 2-hour naps and maybe a 30 minute cat nap.

You love watching Oliver now. It's so cute to see you watch everything he does. You reach out and grab him and tug on his ears and he loves it. He just licks you and you even lean towards him to help him out. It's gross but I have realized that you are all boy and that's just what you will do.

You played Baby Jesus in our church's Christmas pageant this past week. You were an 18 pound almost 6 month old Baby Jesus but I guess that's what you get when your daddy is the Music Pastor. You did great considering they were trying to hold you like a baby but you wanted to be sitting up. Watching you be Baby Jesus and Christmas approaching has made me look at Christmas in a whole new way this year. I am BEYOND blessed to be your mommy and praise the Lord everyday for you.

You still chew on anything you can get your hands on. You love your Sophie the Giraffe and your colorful loopy toys from Lady. You also love your jumperoo. You are starting to get the hang of actually jumping when you are in it. It's just so fun to watch you learn constantly.

You have started "talking" this month. Your mouth moves like you are telling a great story. It happens most of the time when you are getting your diaper changed.

You also got your first 2 teeth this month. Your first one came in the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and your 2nd the Wednesday after Thanksgiving. Teething has been easy for you. You really only had 1 fussy day after your first tooth came in. We gave you a little orajel and tylenol and that seemed to help some.

You have become quite a little giggle box this month. Your daddy can make you laugh doing just about anything. He's pretty funny though. You are always smiling (except for your pics today which are so stoic!) and just a happy easy going baby. You hardly ever fuss and when you do it's always a quick fix...either sleepy or hungry.

You started eating solids this month sweet love! You had rice cereal for the first time on Friday, December 2 and you loved it. We did that for a week and then yesterday (the day you turned 6 months) we gave you peas for the first time. I made a ton of baby food for you and you really loved them. You've also had some banana which you love also.

You got "sick" for the first time this month. I took you to the doctor but it was just a little cold. You had a cough for a few days and were a little congested. It really only left you feeling bad for 1 day though. You just slept more and let me cuddle you which I loved.

We are crazy about you sweet boy. You are always making us laugh and we love watching you discover new things. We are cherishing each minute because they are going by so fast. I wish I could freeze time! 


official stats on Wednesday at his 6 month check up

::6 month stats::
weight: 17 pounds 12 ounces
height: 27 inches
eating: breastfeeding (or pumped bottle) every 3 hours, 3 meals a day started on 12/10/11
clothes: a few 3-6 and mostly 6-9/6-12
diaper: size 3

Look how you've changed!


  1. He is adorable.. I didn't realize how close in age Hudson is to my daughter Chelsi.. She was four months old today.. :)

    It's funny how it seems like we just have them.. Time flies by.. :(

  2. Ohhhh... he is growing SO FAST. Beautiful pics!


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