Friday, December 30, 2011

iPhone Rewind {December}

Sweet boy in his gingerbread man shirt...

Hudson (in his swaddling cloth) was a 17 pound 6 month old Baby Jesus in our church's Christmas pageant...

He much prefers his carseat this way...

Practicing yoga...

His first time wearing them!

The day before Hudson started on solids I made all of baby food. I made carrots, peas, green beans, butternut squash, yellow squash, apples and sweet potatoes. 

In his adorable hat from Aunt Ashley...

Tasting peas for the first time and loving them

His precious Baylor onesie from Pumpkin Butter Kids!
 tired of shopping at Target

He's had these 2 teeth since November but I finally got a picture of them.

Asleep in the car while we were looking at Christmas lights

In front of the poinsettias at church

Christmas cards all ready to be mailed out!

Both chewing on the blanket

Hudson lost his Sophie the giraffe when we were in Sugar Land so he had to use his back up for a few days. 

He started out on the blanket...not crawling but scooting and turning!

Playing the guitar with Daddy...melts my heart!

If anyone wants to relive the early can pick up Malibu Musk at Walgreens.

Practicing with the sippy cup on Christmas morning.

Santa was good to me Ugg house shoes and earrings!

Enjoying my Christmas present from John's mom...first book I read? uncharted terriTORI. ;)

Like father, like son...watching Swamp Loggers

Our Christmas present from my dad!

Papa Jim gave Hudson The Smurfs and he loved watching it.

One day when Papa Jim was here we went to Houston and Hudson enjoyed tortillas and puffs at Lupe Tortilla.

Licking his bowl clean!

One evening after Hudson went to bed this was our living room...


He has learned how to feed himself puffs. Although sometimes they get stuck and he can't find them. ;)


  1. I love random posts with random pictures. :) Looks like y'all had a great Christmas. It was all so fun with a baby this year.

  2. our living room looks the same some evenings...and it's A-ok! :)

    I love the last pic w/the puff stuck on his face, so cute!!


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