Thursday, December 8, 2011

iPhone Rewind {October & November}

Wow...totally forgot to dump my iPhone photos from October and November...

Hudson with his favorite celebrity, Megan from Next Great Baker!

With Candace and Maddox in Hamilton...

Passed out in the Bjorn at HEB

The first day he was officially a sitter, November 11

Hanging out in his high chair for the first time pre-solids

Hudson and Oliver

I tried his newborn cap on him...his head might have grown just a little...

Baylor beat OU!

So the next day we "flung our green and gold" to church!

He's been doing this for about 3 weeks now. Who knows when he will actually crawl.

Hudson and Landry at our church's Thanksgiving dinner

Sleeping baby pictures are just the cutest thing ever

John surprised me with a new mug!


  1. He is just keeps getting more adorable by the day!! Love the shots of him sucking his lil sweet!! :-)
    Give him loves from us!! :-)


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