Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Babysitters!

Hudson had his first teenagers-came-to-our-house-and-we-paid-them babysitters on Thursday December 1. Kaila and Kelsey are 2 sisters that LOVE Hudson and have been around him so much. Their mom and grandmother both have/had in home daycares so they have been around babies their whole lives and are SO good with them. We were so comfortable leaving Hudson with them and he did great.


  1. I LOVED having babysitters as a kid!! We used to always ask my parents if we could have a babysitter. But now that I am the parent, I'm so nervous to leave Pearson with a babysitter. And it makes a night out expensive!! I need to find some sweet teenage girls like you did!

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  3. Kaila and Kelsey were my boys babysitters too! Love them!

  4. My question is: what did you and John do?!? ;-)

  5. So great that you have some great girls to watch Hudson! :) And I love his winter jammies!!

    We have a few girls from church who are dying to watch Adelyn, just haven't done it yet. Maybe your post will give me the "umph" I need! I loved babysitting when I was young!


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