Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hudson's 1st Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was so special celebrating Hudson's 1st Christmas. This post is full of a ton of pictures but I really wish I had more. I was not feeling great at all during Christmas and didn't take enough pictures. I'm kicking myself now but we still had a wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed.

We attended the Christmas Eve service. Hudson did so well...I was nervous. We sat on the front row and he did not take his eyes off of John as he led the church in Christmas carols. The puffs Lady and I kept feeding him helped also. :)

When we got home I wanted to get a few pictures of Hudson in front of our tree while he was still in his adorable nutcracker vest. I was pressing my luck because it was past his bedtime but he still managed to be adorable. He knew Santa was on his way.

And then a few in his precious Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning...SANTA CAME! Hudson was very excited about Christmas morning...he woke up at 4:59. He had been waking up in the 5:00 hour for a few mornings. His poor little schedule had been so off. So we were finished opening presents well before 7:00.

John and I got him the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair and a couple little toys. His stocking was full of the essentials...Puffs, butt paste and a new sippy cup.

Lady got John this hilarious bird puppet to use playing with Hudson. He thought John was so weird. (excuse how awful I look...remember he woke up at 4:59.)

These are a pair of blue and black plaid Tiny Toms. We were so excited for Hudson to get them!

After opening presents John was able to squeeze in a nap before he had to be at church. Hudson and I didn't go because there wasn't going to be any childcare and with the way he had been (not feeling great, fussy and waking up before 5am) I didn't want to go to church only to stand outside the whole time because he wasn't happy. My mom left that morning and then later that day John's mom and Fred came.

John's family tradition is to open these Christmas popper things and wear the crowns during dinner. It is a very fun tradition and Hudson got to take part this year.

Hudson loved his music table from Susu (John's mom).

Getting ready to open his stocking from Susu.

After Susan and Fred left we had a day with just the 3 of us before my dad came on Wednesday.

Hudson loved his horse from Papa Jim!

Pretty sure Papa Jim fed Hudson every meal. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!


  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful Christmas..

    Hudson is so adorable..

  2. looks like a wonderful 1st Christmas for Hudson!! I love the picture of him in front of the tree in his vest with the BIG smile, so sweet!!!

  3. Um that second picture of him with his vest on is PRESH. I love how his little head is cocked. And I love the bokah shots!!!


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