Monday, October 29, 2012

before Emma

There are a few random pictures I wanted to post simply for my memory of some things Hudson did the week before Emma got here. Chasing around a busy 16 month old while 9 months pregnant is not easy but I LOVED our time together before he became a big brother. 

Hudson figured out how to climb onto the chairs and then onto the table. He did this constantly before Emma was born. Thankfully (since I'm not allowed to pick him up) he hasn't done it much at all since she got here. 

We went to visit Erin and Rix about 9 days before Emma was born. Rix was only 1 week old and it was fun to see Hudson interact with him. 

Enjoying cuddles with my little man. I was soaking up as much of this time as I could. 

We've started giving Hudson a plate at his meals instead of just putting the food on the tray. He used to pick up the plate and dump the food out but he is getting much better about eating off of the plate.

I also tried "baking" with him for the first time. I tried the 2 ingredient pumpkin muffins (1 box Spice cake mix + 1 can pumpkin) so that it would be easy. He isn't quite ready to help me in the kitchen yet. He was much more interested in the owl cookie jar. :)

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