Thursday, October 11, 2012

bible study shower

Last weekend my bible study gave a shower for all of us girls who are expecting. There were supposed to be 5 of us there, but Erin had her baby 2 days before so they didn't come. :) It was fun to share this with my sweet friends.

That punch was some of the best punch I've ever had! ha! I was never able to have any punch when I was pregnant with Hudson because of the gestational diabetes. 

Me and Deborah

Me and Nichole...she is expecting a surprise in January! I think she's having a boy!

All 4 of us. I'm due in 3 weeks, Nichole in January, Sarah any day now and Erynn in January. 

I love sharing this special time with these friends!


  1. Everything looks so cute and yummy..

    How sweet of them to throw a baby shower for all of you ladies.

  2. aww fun!! so sweet of them to do this for you!


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