Monday, October 8, 2012

our little Ray Charles

My mom got Hudson this adorable piano for his birthday but John and I just got around to putting it together a few weeks ago. We should have put it together much sooner because he loves it. 

He has also started loving to wear these sunglasses. He will take them off and bring them to you to put them back on him. It's a game to him.

Last weekend he started playing his piano while wearing the sunglasses and we thought it was the cutest and funniest thing. Our little Ray Charles. 

Hudson thought he was so cool in his sunglasses. :)


  1. I can not accurately express how much I love these pictures. They're perfect!!

    I'm glad Hudson loves the piano!

  2. So cute!!!

    Adelyn has been keeping her sunglasses on more these days too!

  3. These pictures are absolutely precious!!

  4. These are so precious!!! I know you are treasuring these last few weeks just the three of you, even though it will be that much more special with the addition of your sweet girl! :)


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