Sunday, October 7, 2012

water hose fun!

my iPhoto is working again thanks to my awesome husband! I'm SO thankful because if I had lost those pictures I would have been devastated. And before anyone says anything, my entire iPhoto library was already stored on an external hard drive because it was too large for my computer. I just hadn't hadn't had a chance to back up the external hard drive yet. But it is now all backed up. So no worries. :)

So last weekend was very low key. On Saturday we had a gorgeous day outside and after we finished watering flowers Hudson got to play with the water hose. He LOVED it. Ha! There were too many cute pictures so I had to make some collages. I'll let his expressions speak for themselves. 


  1. Glad John got it working again.

    LOVE these photo's!! To funny.. Great memories..

  2. These pictures are to die for!! I love all of his different little faces!!


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