Saturday, October 27, 2012

Emma James :: 1 week old

Emma are 1 week old! 

This week has been an adjustment for us for sure. You are such an easy baby. You sleep all the time and really only cry when you are hungry. You are eating every 2-3 hours and nursing GREAT. You latched on immediately and haven't had any issues with nursing at all. It has been a much easier experience at the beginning than with your brother.

Speaking of your brother...he LOVES you. He loves to come and sit by you and he always pulls your socks off. He gives you kisses and loves to pat on you. We have to remind him to be gentle but he is doing really well. He giggles and gets excited when he sees you.

Your bilirubin levels were great while we were in the hospital but the day we were discharged you started looking a little yellow so we've kept you in the window a lot this week. We've taken you to have them checked twice and they are starting to come back down now.

We are crazy about you, Sweet Emma. You have been a perfect addition to our family and we are so thankful that you decided to come 2 1/2 weeks early!


  1. Love love reading about your two babes... wish I was there holding sweet Emma and smelling her baby smell! :)

  2. congratulations! She is seriously perfect!!!


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