Saturday, May 17, 2014

HUGE Texas Trip Part 1: Dallas

Back in April the kids and I drove to Texas for my brother's wedding. The day that we left it POURED rain on us for 11 out of 11.5 hours of the trip. That crazy hard, difficult to see rain. Awesome. 

But as usual, the kids did great in the car. It just made our stops a little more difficult. Hudson thought it was hilarious when I would get back in the car soaking wet. Me...not so much.

For lunch, we had a car picnic. I went through the drive thru and then the kids ate while I parked. Since Emma was still rear facing and I was driving alone, I didn't feel comfortable with them eating while I drove. And I didn't want to get them out of the car to go in somewhere to eat so the car it was. 

We were so thankful when we finally made it to Lady's house.

And you never know what kind of treasures you will find at Lady's house. Like a creepy troll circa 1992.

The kids enjoyed popsicles in Lady's backyard at least once a day. 

Hudson was a ring bearer in the wedding and LOVED his suit so much. We had to get it altered a little and he thought it was so fun standing on the "stage" and dancing in his suit.

One afternoon we went over to my sister's house so she could get her hair cut and we played with Lincoln.

Dinner with my brother and his family and PJ!

park fun!

Being silly with my little girl.

Love these 2 silly kids SO DANG MUCH.

Donuts with Lady the day after the wedding.

We WERE SO TIRED after the wedding so we had a nice and relaxing day.

On our way out of town we met PJ for breakfast before heading to Austin.

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