Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 19

Day 127: They're playing so well together today. Earlier they were having a {toy} picnic and eating baked beans and carrots. The laughter from them today has been so good for me. The last couple of days have been sort of rough. (In the not listening, lots of timeouts sort of way.)

Day 128: We had our first neighborhood supper club tonight. Hudson barely ate a thing because he was too busy playing. Love these silly faces!

Day 129: Date night!

Day 130: We had so much fun at Mary Everett's bubble birthday party this morning. We've been blowing bubbles all day!

Day 131: I am SO thankful to be their mommy. #beyondblessed

Day 132: A perfect day for sidewalk chalk.

Day 133: Emma wants to do everything her big brother does. Love these two.

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