Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 21

Day 141: Best $10 ever spent.

Day 142: This girl was having the best time at dinner tonight.

Day 143: This girl LOVES watermelon. And the pool. Basically she was in heaven.

Day 144: Family walk before a big game of kickball. Hudson is telling me here that he wants to go see the red barn.

Day 145: Since Sunday ended up being our last day at Camp Dawson, these two were looking especially cute in their red, white, and blue.

Day 146: There was a baby bird on the ground so Hudson got his first lesson in "do not ever ever touch baby birds!"

Day 147: this opinionated drama queen will be wearing her Minnie Mouse slippers to swim lessons because that's just not a battle I want to fight today.

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