Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#woodslifeeveryday2014 week 18

Day 120: Apparently I'm not a princess today because I'm wearing a hat. #thanksHudson #wearingamaxiskirttomorrow

Day 121: Hudson and Emma got a new wagon from Lady and they were so excited about it. But it turned into a boat since it was the world's most boring wagon ever. Daddy gets to put it together tomorrow.

Day 122: Picnic in the backyard for dinner followed by a wagon ride. They ate the best they had in months in the backyard. We might start having all of our meals out here.

Day 123: Having fun with my people at the We Love Homewood parade! (Please notice the kid in the background getting attacked by a backpack. They're serious about getting candy!)

Day 124: Tonight was so fun! The children's choir did a wonderful job doing The Story Tellin Man at Homewood Park. Hudson and Emma had a blast clapping and dancing.

Day 125: Love his excitement and so proud of our big boy. It was so fun to watch his first school program.

Day 126: Fun in the backyard waiting on daddy to get home. I didn't even realize until these pictures that they were matching today!

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