Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HUGE Texas Trip Part 4: Rehearsal Dinner

This first picture really isn't a rehearsal pic, but this was the best place for it to go. Mark and all of his guys went kayaking and to dinner for the bachelor party. John said it was a lot of fun!

Sweet little Emma inside the big house at the rehearsal. She couldn't quite figure out that statue.

Enjoying a big Texas BBQ!

My plate. worth every single calorie. I worked out CRAZY hard that morning. And the morning of the wedding to offset the amount of food I would eat. ha! And yes, that's a brisket and cream cheese stuffed jalapeƱo that's been wrapped in back and grilled. 

Our kids stayed up WAY past their bedtime and were out on our drive back to Lady's house.

These pics are out of order, but I'm not going to fix it. :) 

Trying to get a decent family picture these days is so fun.

This picture completely melts me.

Again, they love taking pictures. At least PJ was enjoying it. :)

Hudson is pretty much obsessed with his Aunt Betsy. 

Hudson and Lily practicing being the ring bearer and flower girl. Hudson loved all 3 of the flower girls.

The handsome groom!

Again, nailed it on the family picture.


With our Lady

And our new sister!


Sisters and Lady :)

Mama's boy :)

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