Saturday, May 17, 2014

HUGE Texas Trip Part 2: Austin

After our day of relaxing, we loaded up and drove down to Austin. Waco is halfway between McKinney and Austin so it's a perfect place to stop. Unfortunately, it was raining (at this point I was afraid it would rain on us every travel day. Thankfully this was it.) so we just drove around the campus quickly. It had been almost a year since we had been in Waco. That's the longest I had gone without visiting (or living) Waco in 13 years! 

We made it to Austin and Susu had a new bowling game for the kids. They loved it and although they didn't really get how to play and kept making up their own rules, they had the best time.

That even, Pop Pop stopped by before bed time and we had fun playing.

On Tuesday we went to The Thinkery which is the new children's museum. It was so much fun.

This is a giant light bright and they loved it.

After The Thinkery we went to lunch and played on a little playground then it was back to Susu's for naps. After their naps we went to Kiddie Acres which is a small amusement park place just for little kids. John and his sister grew up going there so it was fun to take the kids. We sent John tons of pictures and videos to make him jealous. :)

Hudson loved every ride and rode most of them multiple times. I made the mistake of saying to Emma on one of them, "bye bye!" and she lost it and wouldn't ride anything else. She would do the carousel with me, and ride the train (only the things that I could ride with her) but she wouldn't do anything else. She just had fun running around.

On the train with Pop Pop!

Playing Putt Putt!

After Kiddie Acres, we went out to John's aunt and uncle's house in the country. They have some horses and chickens and the kids loved exploring out there.

It was such a short visit, but we packed everything in and had a great time. 

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