Monday, May 12, 2014

Lady, Aunt Crazy, and Baby Winkin

 We had a great "spring break!" I put it in quotes because even though Hudson technically had a spring break from preschool, he only goes 2 days a week. And at this age it's almost better when he gets to go to school. He loves it so much and it is so good for him.

My sister and mom came into town with Lincoln. I knew that my mom was coming, but not Whitney and Lincoln. I was so excited and SURPRISED!

Before they arrived we went to the preschool ministry's family night at the gym. We all had a blast.

We played at the park!

Spent time loving on Baby Winkin as Hudson calls him. :)

Ate lots of yummy chips and salsa outside.

Whit and Linc slept in Hudson's room, John was only here 2 of the nights they were so he slept on the couch, and my mom and I slept in our bed. Hudson slept in this tent in our room. 

Hudson loved holding Baby Winkin

On Sunday night, John and I went to go see Pentatonix in concert. Whitney and Hudson did science experiments or something while we were gone. Ha!

On Monday, my mom took Hudson and Emma to lunch and the toy store so I could be at home alone for a few hours. I got SO MUCH done! 

Monday night Whit and I met Jen for a girls night!

Tuesday we went shopping and before we left I got some Lincoln cuddles.

Emma didn't want anything to do with her mac n cheese. She only wanted my salad.

Lady and Hudson with their coffees. Or hot chocolate. :)

We got sushi on Tuesday night and Hudson LOVED the edamame!

Emma and Whit on the front porch. Love these 2!

I am so thankful for that visit with them. We had the best time!

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