Tuesday, January 27, 2015

park, selfies, and chapel

Just a bunch of sweet, random pictures from last week that are too fun not to share. :)

Last Monday the kids were out of school for MLK Day so we met some friends at the park. It was around 65 degrees and so gorgeous!

I'm obsessed with these heart patch leggings. I bought them from consignment last year I think. They were way too big for Emma when I got them so I was so excited for her to wear them this year. They're originally from H&M.

Hudson was walking his way around this instead of climbing straight up. He did this over and over again for about 15 minutes. haha!

Wednesday we were silly and took lots of selfies. The kids love this. And so do I. :)

One of Hudson's teachers sent me these last 2 pictures. Every Thursday, the 3s and 4s classes have chapel at school. Last week the 2s classes joined them so Hudson and Emma got to be in chapel together. They were dancing around and worshiping together and getting these pictures totally made my day!

That was random enough. :) 

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