Monday, January 26, 2015

weekending :: lots of fun edition!

Happy Monday! We had a very full but fun weekend! 

I didn't take many pictures at all on Friday, but Friday afternoon I went to our little downtown area and did some shopping. I needed to get some birthday gifts for a party we had Saturday and then I noticed that one of my favorite store was having a sale. Score! Friday evening I took dinner to some friends from church who just had a baby and then our family went over to some friends house for dinner. Hudson and Emma had so much fun playing with their boys. 

When we got home Friday night it was 9:00 and Emma was so crazy. 

She popped out and said, "Peek boo mommy!" Love her!

Saturday morning we headed to Walt and Sam's 2nd birthday party.

It was SO COLD but the kids didn't care at all. There was a bounce house and a petting zoo!

The animals were Emma's favorite part.

We came home after the party and the kids and I all went down for naps. I had the worst cramp/crick in my neck. I got it Friday night and slept HORRIBLY Friday night so I was exhausted. I found some muscle relaxers and that helped me rest so I could get in a good nap. I still have a lot of pain but it's not near as bad. I'm thinking now that I must have pulled a muscle working out last week. Who knows but it's crazy painful.

Saturday night we made a last minute decision to take the kids to a hibachi restaurant for the first time. I texted my friend Amanda to ask her again which sushi rolls were their favorites and they ended up joining us. It was such a fun night!

The boys were hilarious when there was fire. This is totally unstaged...their real reactions when they first saw fire. haha!

Our chef was awesome and let the boys crack the eggs. He threw away probably 7 or 8 eggs. ha!

Emma was so tired. She sat in my lap the entire time falling asleep. She never ate anything and went to bed as soon as we got home. I'm guessing our late night Friday night and the full day wore her out.

Sunday morning we went to church and then after church went out to eat for Mexican food with a couple other of the staff families. Our kids filled up on way too much salsa and queso and came home and took epic naps. It was so nice. 

Sunday night our church's preschool ministry had a Family Praise Night. The preschool ministry at our church is so so so wonderful. I love that they are so intentional with preschoolers and invest so much in them. 

We started off making some crafts. The first one they made was a little card to give to a friend.

Then they made chore charts! This was my favorite. ha! I've been wanting to start chore charts with the kids. They love stickers and I think this would be really helpful.

After the crafts we went to the preschool worship room (yep, a room just for preschool worship) and the parents got to experience what our littles do each Sunday in preschool worship. It was so much fun to watch all of the preschoolers sing and praise Jesus. Then they listened to the bible story of Zacchaeus and he even made an appearance through the time machine!

Such a special night! We ended the evening in the gym so all of the kids could jump in the inflatables. 

It was a fantastic weekend and we are so thankful. Have a great week, friends! xo

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