Thursday, January 15, 2015

random pics from the last week

I feel like the last week and weekend have been pretty low key. Last weekend we didn't do a whole lot except for a marriage conference at church. It was so good and John and I both got a lot out of it.

It's been so cold so we've been doing lots of indoor activities. I'm ready for spring!

My little gothic girl. 

Last Friday, Emma had an ENT consult for tubes for her ears. We found out she will be getting tubes and having her adenoids removed. More on that later.

Helping make pizza for dinner before the marriage conference. 

Making silly faces with my loves.

Hudson will randomly come up to me and say, "let's take a selfie mommy!" Love!

I subbed at the kids' school on Monday and Hudson was "busy bee of the week" and got to bring a show and tell. He brought one of his trains. :)

I've been reading Gone Girl and oh my word...this book is so good. Twisted and messed up, but so good! I'm hoping to finish this weekend so we can watch the movie.

silly faces in the storage containers.

Tonight Hudson sat down and said, "let's talk mommy." Love my boy.

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