Thursday, January 22, 2015

#woodslifeeveryday2015 week 3

Day 15: He sat down and said, "mommy, let's talk." Then began telling me how tomorrow would go. He is so excited that Mrs. Jenni will be here when he wakes up so that John and I can both be with Emma at her surgery. We are so thankful for sweet friends. 

Day 16: My beautiful girl. Tubes are in and adenoids are out. We are home now and she is doing great. Thank you for the prayers, friends!

Day 17: We are so thankful for the beautiful sunny day we had! Such a fun afternoon at the park.

Day 18: My job here is done.

Day 19: It's 65 degrees in January so we spent the morning at the park with sweet friends!

Day 20: Our sweet little friend Mary Katherine came over to play after school! Loved watching these 3 walk home holding hands.

Day 21: These two bring me so much joy.

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